DALI Zensor 1 5.1 package

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DALI Zensor 1 5.1
DALI Zensor 3 in Black AshDALI Zensor 3 in light walnutDALI Zensor 3 pair in BlackDALI Zensor VokalDALI E9F subdali logo

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This fabulous DALI Zensor 1 5.1 package has just won What HiFi’s Product of the year award. Now you can buy it online right here!

Product Description

DALI Zensor 1 5.1 package

This fabulous DALI Zensor 1 5.1 package has just won What HiFi’s Best Speaker Package award and comprises 2 pairs of the awesome little Zensor 1 loudspeakers, a Zensor Vokal centre channel loudspeaker and the E9F subwoofer.

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Winner of What HiFi ‘s group test in 2015:

‘…the brilliantly entertaining DALI ZENSOR 1 5.1 is sure to put a smile on your face…’

‘…if you want to spend just under £1,000, this is still the most brilliantly entertaining speaker package you can buy…’

‘…arguably the most stunningly entertaining sound this money can buy…’

‘…if you’re after a surround speaker package for under £1,000, you must seek the ZENSORS out…’




‘…the Zensor 1 is a delectable speaker, classy-looking and well made…’


‘…the Zensor 5.1 system is a stunning performer…’


‘…DALI’s 5.1 speaker package offers stunning sound for the money, with seamlessly integrated bass and dazzling detail…’


DALI Zensor 1

DALI Zensor 1

Zensor 1 Specification:

- Compact bookshelf loudspeaker
- Ideal for home cinema and compact stereo solutions
- Wood/paper fibre cone drive unit
- 4mm banana plug/spade terminals
- High gloss black baffle
- 4-layer copper clad aluminium wire voice coil
- Vented voice coil and 220 gauss ferrofluid tweeter
- Available in Black Ash, Light Walnut and White Satin

DALI Zensor Vokal

DALI Zensor Vokal

Zensor Vokal Specifications:

Frequency range (+/- 3dB) [Hz]: 47 – 26.500
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]:  88,5
Nominal impedance [ohms]:  6
Maximum SPL [dB]:  109
Recommended amplifier power [W]: 30 – 120
Crossover frequencies:  2.400 Hz
High frequency driver:  25 mm Soft textile dome
Low frequency driver:  2 x 5.25”
Enclosure type: Bass reflex
Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz]:  45,0
Connection input(s):  Single wire
Recommended placement:  Above/below TV/Screen
Loudspeaker type:  Centre speaker
Magnetic shielding:  Semi magnetic shielded
Max loudspeaker dimensions incl. base and grille (HxWxD) [mm]:  161 X 441 X 281

Loudspeaker weight [kg]:  6,8

DALI E9F Subwoofer

DALI E9F sub

The launch of the DALI SUB E-9 F marks a new stage of what is possible at this level of subwoofers.

The new subwoofer from DALI features a 9” woofer, capable of moving plenty of air with power and precision. The cone is made from pure aluminium for maximum stiffness and a becoming exterior. Furthermore, the heavy magnet system wields a massive 4-layer, long-stroke voice coil.
All in all, the heavy-duty abilities of this “motor system” ensure that the woofer always follows the signal from the amplifier!

The heart of this subwoofer is the 150W RMS Class D amplifier with a highly linear response. Embracing a classic DALI trademark, it simply acts as a total low frequency extension of your AV system. The result is a powerful, well-balanced bass reproduction and flawless integration with your speakers. In addition, the integrated limiter helps protecting your subwoofer against overloading.

The back plate of SUB E-9F features controls for volume adjustment, phase, and upper cut-off frequency, while the power on/off function works automatically via signal detection. And with the options for LFE or LINE inputs, this subwoofer easily accompanies any AV set up.

SUB E-9F is elevated from the floor by an aluminium base, while a down-firing bass port allows positioning directly against the wall. The front grille is mounted by magnets only – and when removed, the visual appearance changes from discreet to extravagant as the pure aluminium cone is revealed.

The DALI SUB-9F is recommended as compliment to the new ZENSOR series and is compatible with all DALI loudspeakers as the perfect completion of a DALI surround set up.


There you have it, the DALI Zensor 1 5.1 speaker package.

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Black, Light Walnut, White