5 pin DIN Interconnect

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HatPin S3s


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5 Pin DIN to 5 Pin DIN Interconnect cable from Witch Hat Audio.

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Product Description

Witch HatTHatPin S3 5 pin DIN Interconnecthis is a 5 pin DIN – 5 pin DIN Interconnect for Naim CD players, Tuners, streamers and the pre-amp. Available in limited numbers and only in the 5 pin DIN configuration. This cable has sparkle and handles all extremes without sounding harsh or brittle.






Interconnect cables are a frequently neglected part of your Hi-Fi System, however they are no less crucial than any other part of it. As the audio goes through a chain, in your Hi-Fi, like a chain, the Hi-Fi is only as good as the weakest link. Whilst it is fair to say that the effect on the sound from the quality of the interconnect may not be quite as great as the music source, a poor interconnect will leave the rest of the system lacking, and leave you feeling a little disappointed.

A Witch Hat Phono Interconnect can help here, giving you the surety of a quality connection in your system.

5 Pin DIN Interconnect



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