Amp Box S

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Box Designs Amp Box S
Box Designs Amp Box SBox Designs Amp Box S


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The Pro-Ject Box Design Amp Box S is an ultra-compact power amplifier, which is both efficient and audiophile. Boasting an impressive 30 Watt output, this small but perfectly formed box will boost any small hi-fi system.

A ultra-high-efficiency, Bi-Phase PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) circuit with SMD parts gives outstanding audio performance and stays cool on the outside when in use. The sound quality from the Amp Box S is aimed to be as close as possible to Class A tube amplifiers, with their liquid and life-like presentation.

The Amp Box S is micro-sized, allowing for easy placement in any environment. It can also be remotely switched off via a trigger signal (a 45cm power-on cable is supplied for this purpose) for convenient operation. When bi- or tri-amping, this remote power signal can also be relayed to multiple units.

Product Description

Key Features:

  • Bi-Phase PWM(Pulse Wave Modulation) circuit
  • Discrete design for ultra-dynamic playback and highest resolution
  • SMD for short signal paths
  • 2 x 35W @ 4ohms / 2 x 25W @ 8ohms
  • Ultra high-efficiency: approximately 80% of power consumption goes to “power out”
  • Gold-plated, over-sized binding posts
  • Trigger-switching with Loop-out
  • Metal case shields the electronics from vibrational and electromagnetic interference
  • Outboard power supply included

Technical Data:

Power Output: 2 x 25W at 8Ω (Both Channels Driven)
2 x 35W at 4Ω (Both Channels Driven)
Frequency Response: 5Hz – 20kHz (+ 0dB, – 0.5dB)
Channel Separation: >40dB At 20kHz
Noise Floor: > -100dB (A Weighted)
THD: < 0.05% At 10W
Gain: 22dB
Input: 1 Pair RCA/Phono Sockets
Input Sensitivity: 1V
Input Impedance: 47kΩ
Speaker Connectors: Gold-Plated Terminals For…
4mm Ø Banana Plugs, Spades Or Naked Wire
Trigger: 12V DC Switching Voltage
Trigger In/Out: 2-Pole 2.5mm Ø Co-Axial Jack
Outboard PSU: 20V/3A DC (Peak 7A DC)
Standby Power: < 1W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 103 x 36 x 104mm
Weight: 670g (Without PSU)

Additional Information

Black, Silver