Aurum A3 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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Aurum A3 Amplifier
Aurum A3 Amplifier



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The Aurum A3 is a superb quality 8 input stereo analogue amplifier that will have your ears tingling with delight. The quality of this amplifier goes all the way through it and includes specifically the power supply, control and output.

Features 80W output (100W into 4 ohm speakers)

Finish Black with coloured feature Sides – see options.

Product Description

 Aurum A3

All through the Aurum A3 integrated amplifier uses studio-quality volume control switching, which makes for precise logarithmic volume setting capabilities. This guarantees that the right and left channels are set to exactly the same volume. Compared to previous technology, this sophisticated technology has the advantage of greater dynamics when playing music.

For the Aurum A3 signal paths, our engineers exclusively use premium polypropylene film capacitors. This type of signal transmission very effectively minimizes distortion.

Even the initial design phase, special attention was paid to especially short signal paths. SMD technology, an innovative technology for developing and producing printed circuit boards, guarantees that the signal is transferred with the least possible interference or loss.

A completely discrete output stage design makes for virtually perfect music reproduction. This demanding but effective type of power amplification also offers reproduction with an especially broad frequency response.

Power transistors from a renowned manufacturer, delivering more than 200 watts, ensure high impulse with clean music reproduction. In addition, these are extraordinarily long-life transistors.

The broader a band an amplifier works with, the more captivating its sound characteristics. Unfortunately, many manufacturers avoid broadband music reproduction, because radiation and vibration make these devices very interference prone. A specially developed passive output filter with a unique handwound coil decouples the speaker from the output stage, thus allowing the Aurum A3 amplifier to operate in broadband without interference.

Previous speaker relays had a natural tendency to wear, which usually led to the speaker channels losing volume or even failing over time. Aurum A3 engineers use a vacuum-welded output relay with a special alloy that prevents this from happening.

Features 8 Analogue inputs

Technical data A3
Output power at 8 ohms 80W
Output power at 4 ohms 100W
Input sensitivity by 1W at 8 ohms  -16,3 dBV
Frequency response 1Hz-110kHz(-3dB)
Harmonic distortion  <0.03%
Noise ratio 75dB unrated
Main connection 115V/230V switchable
Standby power <0,9W
Inputs 8x Cinch R/L
Dimension (wxhxd)  453 x 130 x 345 mm
with real wood veneer sides, feets and speaker terminals
Weight  11,23 kg

Additional Information

Choco Oak, Gloss Black, Light Oak