Grandview Manual Projector Screens – Auto retract 16 x 9

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Manual Pull-Down Screen
Manual Pull-Down Screen

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Superior Projection Screen Material
The quality of material is the most important aspect of any projection screen. Most screens on the market will use a very basic compressed cloth type material resulting in a creased surface and poor contrast performance.

Cyber Screens Home Cinema Projector Screen Material

Product Description

cyberpulldownscreensSlow Retract Manual Screen Mechanism
Our manual projector screens are simply the best in the industry. Manula pull-down, with a unique gear system to prevent the screen bar from hitting the case when retracting, by slowing the screen and gently retracting it into position. The system also allows the user to pull the manual projector screen down, briefly pause and the screen will lock into the desired position.

Manual Screen Case Design
The aluminium diamond white case has an elegant curved profile making it one of the nicest looking screens on the market. The rigid sturdy design keeps the internal roller perfectly straight and material well protected.

Mounting Bracket
Grandview manual projector screens feature one of the best mounting systems on the market. Two small brackets fit to the wall or ceiling anywhere along the length of the case. Once the manual screen is clipped into the brackets a retaining bolt secures it in position. The screen can only be lifted off the brackets when the bolt is released.

Other features and measurements
Just like televisions, manual projector screens are measured in imperial feet and inches.
The screen is measured by the width of the material from left to right. The standard sizes are 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft. The viewable area is the white part of the screen which is slightly smaller due to the surrounding black borders.

Additional Information

6′ wide, 7′ wide, 8′ wide