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HiFi Cinema HDMI Cables
HiFi Cinema HDMI CablesHiFi Cinema High Speed HDMI Cables

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Quality HDMI cables –  ”High Speed HDMI with Ethernet” – we have found these cables to be excellent value for money, coping with the most demanding of high speed video data including 1080p 3D and 4K video. Lengths up to and including 5m are High Speed with Audio Return Channel and Ethernet. Lengths beyond 5m are high speed HDMI only.


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Product Description

HDMI Cables

Quality is important when it comes to HDMI cable –  poor quality shows up as artifacts, lacklustre picture and sound, and “sparklies” appearing in the picture, or even no or intermittent picture transmission.

These quality HDMI 1.4 high speed cables are ones that we come back to time and again, as we’ve always had superb results with them and they offer excellent value for money. full HD and 3D compatible.

These are packaged loosely in our attempt to save the planet from unnecessary packaging.

High quality hdmi cable terminated in gold plated hdmi male connectors, available in a large selection of lengths. Used for professional and high end domestic installations at a fraction of the cost of branded products with often poorer performance.

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