Linn to Naim Bi-Amp Interconnect

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RCA to 2 x XLR Splitter interconnect



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Interconnect for 2 x RCA splitting to 2 x XLR for Bi-Amping applications.

Ideal for driving 2 x Naim Power Amps with a Linn Pre-amp / streaming source.

Product Description

This interconnect takes a stereo Pre-Out via RCA connector, and splits it to 2 x 3-pin XLR connectors to drive 2 x Naim Power amplifiers for Bi-Amping. If you haven’t tried this, come and listen to the effect in our showroom!

We use this to split a Pre-amp output to drive a pair of speakers Bi-Amped, i.e. 1 amplifier for Bass left and right, and the other amplifier for Treble Left and right.



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