Melco N1Z EX Music Server

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Melco N1Z Front
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The Melco N1Z High Resolution Digital Music Library Servers, are designed to get the best out of your Music streaming Players. They are designed from the ground up to address the Network issues that impair the the playback of streamed music, and have to be auditioned to appreciate the impact they have on the Music.

There are two Melco N1Z Models:

  1. Melco N1ZS20 – 2 x 1TB audio grade SSD drives
  2. Melco N1ZH60 – 2 x 3TB floating chassis HDD drives with audio grade firmware 

Product Description

HFN Outstanding product

The NAS drive installed in a high-end digital streaming music system is firmly in the computer domain, however it turns out that the way it operates has an impact on the sound that comes out of the speakers. We originally thought that this area was parametrically isolated from the music, however, because of the way that network traffic splits data streams into packets, the packets can get re-ordered by other network traffic. This means the streaming player has to spend time and effort re-assembling them into the correct order again, and this adds significant jitter into the decoded data stream, affecting performance. We found this hard to believe, as we thought most decent streaming players went to extraordinary lengths to de-jitter the re-assembled data streams. The proof however, is in the playing, and sufficient enough for us to spend some significant money on updating our demonstration NAS drive.

Now with EX Series Firmware – read about the EX Series Here

The Melco N1Z Music Server sits between the Network Switch and the main Audiophile Grade Music Player, and makes your music available to both the Local Player, and also to other players connected to your Home Network. It acts as a digital filter on your network ensuring that your high end music streaming player gets a steady stream of low jitter music data, without any of the other network traffic that may impair your music playback.

  • 15 second turn on / 5 second turn off times
  • Simple setup – no PC required
  • Simple single button music library backup via dedicated USB port on the back of the Melco N1Z
  • Simple single button music import from USB drives plugged into the back of the Melco N1Z
  • Dedicated LAN port for Player (Streamer) connectivity – optimum data integrity and simple setup.
  • Light-piped Ethernet ports – complete electrical isolation totally removing possibility of interference and noise.
  • LAN LED off function – ensures the highest possible data integrity.
  • Separated power supply circuitry for LAN ports – isolates the LAN function from all electrical disturbance.
  • Double power supplies – separate power functions for LAN and USB / HDD / System management
  • Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock – eliminates any possibility of data jitter at source

Melco Install diagram

To achieve its incredible level of performance the Melco N1Z, by its nature, is a very advanced technical product BUT it was always in the minds eye of the creators to make the product approachable, easy to understand and most importantly easy to operate, for everyone!

Melco N1Z Mk2 The Highlights:

  • No PC required for either set-up or installation.
  • No specialist knowledge required in any way.
  • Simple set-up from OLED display.
  • Specific DSM IP port for Ethernet Streamer/Player with separate LAN port for Control and network.
  • Automatically creates very simple robust network for streaming high resolution music and control.
  • Simple power operation, normal ON/OFF switch. Just 5 seconds to power down and 15 seconds to be ready from switch on.
  • Informative OLED display with just 4 navigation buttons, displays all relevant settings, connected devices, capacity, setup, format and current song playing.
  • Simple Backup – music is secure with a USB connected Backup in asingle button press.
  • Simple Expansion – when the music collection out grows the internal storage capacity a USB drive connected to the Melco will extend capacity without any setup being needed.
  • Simple music import from USB drive in just one button press.
  • Simple music download from High Resolution vendors direct to Melco without the need for a PC.
  • Safe against power failure or unintended power down
Model: Melco N1ZS (silver) Melco N1ZSBK (black)Melco N1ZH (silver) Melco N1ZHBK (black)
Network Connectivity: LAN Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
Player /DSM Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
USB Connectivity: Backup USB 3.0 Rear Panel
Expansion USB 3.0 Rear Panel
USB 3.0 (DAC port) USB 3.0 Rear Panel
USB Power (5V for Router) USB Rear Panel
Ground Terminal: Screw Terminal – System Ground
Power Supply: Multi voltage 117V – 230V Nominal
3 wire IEC with ground
30W PSU for LAN related devices
30W PSU for SSD & USB Related devices
2 x Buffalo Capacitor Bank
Internal System regulators
Music Storage: N1ZS:   2 x Audio Grade SSD 1TB
Configure as Spanned (2TB) or RAIDN1ZH: 2 x Audio grade HDD 3TbConfigure as Spanned (6TB) or RAID
Local USB – DAC Player Control: UPnP Control Point Type 0 or Type 1 supported
Size: 350 x 65 x 370 mm (13.82 x 2.6 x 14.6 inches)
Weight: 7kg (15.5lb)


One customer’s experience:

When I asked you how the Melco play, and when you answered that it plays better than a 555 cd player nobody would believe it, but the way you told it, sounded like “this guy had a unique expérience” and you made me curious.
Today, I understood what you mean, I am just astonished, I just spend through my very well known cd’s I just ripped, those songs I know every note and every detail of those cd’s. But I was wrong, I was not hearing everything of it till I got the Melco.
I just discovered a new dimension of listening, much more detail, sooo much more more depth and precision, rapidity and still detailed, a perfection I could never believe that could come out from my speakers. every note, every finger, the  air in the guitar, it’s just incroyable….
The only time I ever heard a comparable detail was from a single ended 300B tube amplifier. but always lacking power.
But this combinaison with Melco, chord 2qute, supernait2,  brings the same detail with power and the punch get in the stomach when they kick the drum.
This is much more I expected. Even on very complex quick orchestra, the system just follows and reflects every detail of the crowd, instruments and … stuff, which even my ears are not used to hear yet…
Now I have to go to bed unfortunately, I am looking forward to listen more tomorrow.

I thank you again,


Additional Information

N1ZH Black, N1ZH Silver, N1ZS Black, N1ZS Silver

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  • If you can find this product for sale in the UK at a lower price we will match it. The comparable product must be identical in spec, readily available from a UK dealer and available within the same timescales as we are offering. We offer genuine products intended for sale within the UK, not Grey imports as such the comparable product must not be a grey import.

    Melco N1A front left

    Melco N1A/2 H60 EX Music Server