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Naim Super Lumina Interconnect


Every link in the audio chain is important. It’s something we’ve confirmed time and time again in listening tests. That’s why during the development of Statement, Naim’s flagship amplification system, Naim began a project in parallel to design a completely new range of high performance Audio cables. Naim started with a blank page, specifying each element using their expertise in cable construction and material science and based on the results of thousands of hours spent in the listening room testing prototypes.

The Super Lumina range is the result. Consisting of audio interconnects and speaker cables, the range is capable of meeting the demands of Statement but is equally at home in other Naim Audio 500 and Naim Classic Series systems.

Because of the specialist nature of Super-Lumina, they are built to order, however delivery times are typically only 1 week.  You will see the stock level indicated as “available on backorder”.

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