Naim Super Lumina Speaker Cable

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Naim Super Lumina Speaker Cable
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Super Lumina speaker cables are  designed to minimise the effect of external and internal interference sources and preserve maximum signal fidelity.

The fundamental cable design consists of several individually-insulated multi-strand silver-plated copper conductors of varying diameters enclosed in a tin-plated copper shield. This is all enclosed in a soft outer jacket which facilitates easy installation whilst minimising microphonic interference. Each signal, return, ground and shield conductor is individually manufactured for its specific function.

Each Super Lumina cable is hand-assembled at Naim Audio in Salisbury to the customer’s specification of length and termination. The process is intricate and highly-skilled, following detailed instructions which cover every aspect of the build. Every cable also goes through a proprietary de-stressing process to relieve the materials of the inherent stresses which are a result of the manufacturing process. This means the cables reach optimum performance with minimal run in time.

Product Description

During the development of Statement, Naim’s flagship amplification system, the Naim engineers realised that they would need to design a whole new range of high-performance cables for it to reach its true potential.

With this in mind they began a development project to design interconnects and speaker cable that would meet Statement standards of performance. Through a deep understanding of material science and after thousands of hours testing in the listening room, the Super Lumina range was born.

Designed to maximise the performance of Statement but equally at home in 500 Series and Classic Series systems, Super Lumina speaker cables are available with 4mm or spade connectors.

Please specify one of the following when you order them:

  • 4mm Banana to 4mm Banana
  • 4mm Banana to Spade
  • Spade to 4mm Banana
  • Spade to Spade

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