Scandyna MiniPod Woofer (spares)

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MiniPod Woofer

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Scandyna Minipod Woofer Drive unit for MiniPod Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 – this version also fits the Drop Mk1.

Please note if you have some old Blueroom Minipods manufactured by B&W, as far as we are aware these Scandyna Drive units will not work. We have been informed by B&W that they can no longer supply drive units for Blueroom speakers.

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Product Description

Spare Drive unit for MiniPod (Minipod Woofer)

This is a direct replacement for the Kevlar Bass driver in Scandyna manufactured Minipods, Minipod Mk2 and Minipod Mk3.  Please note, those of you who have 20+ year old Blueroom speakers manufactured by B&W will not be able to replace any of the drive units as they are no longer made by B&W.   If you’re replacing a drive unit in a Minipod Mk1 (i.e. no specific reference on the speaker to either Mk2 or Mk3) then we recommend you change both bass drivers to form a matched pair.   Mk2 and Mk3 Minipods have no specific need to change two drivers however some slight colour changes in the Kevlar cone may give you a visual mismatch unless you change both together.

The Minipod drive unit also fits The Drop loudspeaker

To change the Minipod Woofer, pull off the rubber Trimring around the driver, carefully remove the four mounting screws and put to one side.  Before completely removing the old drive unit, make a note of the connections on the back.  Pull off the spade terminals by gripping them with some long nose pliers, being careful not to pull them off by the wires, or they may pull out of the spade terminals.

Refit the new drive unit by the reverse procedure.

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