Subwoofer cable / interconnect

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Subwoofer Cable HiFi Cinema
Subwoofer Cable HiFi CinemaSub Cable4

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Great value and high performance subwoofer cables. Braid / Foil double screened high bandwidth cable with gold plated compression fitting RCA plugs on each end. No fuss, no fancy packaging, just great value!

Product Description

HiFi Cinema Subwoofer CableNo fuss, just good quality custom length subwoofer cables. Choose from one of the set lengths, or contact us for something in-between.

This subwoofer cable is double screened with a solid core, with compression fitted gold plated plugs. Super low-loss cable ensures all of your signal gets to the speaker intact. These are our go-to subwoofer cables and work extremely well even at long lengths. With low impedance, low capacitance and low inductance, these cables are designed to deliver your signal to where it is needed, without picking up external interference.


When it comes to subwoofer cables, there are many that are sold with fancy packaging and descriptions. We make these cables up ourselves and test each one for integrity. the price pays for the cable and connectors, not the fancy packaging (which doesn’t improve your HiFi anyway!).


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