ZoneRipper Max Music server

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Zoneripper Max Black

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The ZoneRipper Max music server range is our top of the range system for ripping your CDs, storing your downloaded music collection and backing up your computer.

Product Description

Zoneripper Max Music Server

The ZoneRipper Max music server range is our top of the range system for ripping your CDs, storing your downloaded music collection and backing up your computer.

This multi-function unit is pre-configured (plug and play) to rip your CD’s into a high quality lossless format (FLAC, or others by software configuration) using the incredibly bit-accurate dB Poweramp software. Simply load the CD into the slot and wait a few minutes until it ejects.  that’s literally all there is to it.  Meanwhile the ZoneRipper Max music server will rip your CD in the highest quality bit accurate format, look up 4 major databases on the internet for the Album name, track titles, artist, genre and album artwork, and add this to the file for easy navigation later. This is known as the MetaData.

As this is effectively a Network Attached Storage Drive (or NAS drive) you can also use it to store any other computer files or make backups for your PC or Mac.  It can be used to store your i-tunes music and any other downloaded music files you have, including 24bit studio master quality recordings available from a number of sources (which are growing rapidly in number).  Contact us for more details on playing back 24 bit studio master files, or come to one of our Linn Lounge events !

It connects to your system with a single network cable (Cat-5 or Ethernet cable) and requires a mains supply from 110 – 240V ac.

Once you’ve stored / ripped your music you can play it back using any UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) music streamer and a suitable application to select the music and play it back. Examples include The Linn or Naim Audio ranges of music streamers, Arcam surround amps, Arcam Solo music systems, Oppo Blu-Ray players (which also are music streamers), Sonos systems and many more.

Free Applications. to control the above devices include :  Linn Kinsky,  Naim n-stream, Songbook, Sonos app, and many more UPnP control apps. applicable to the device you’re using (Call for advice !)

Additional Information:

Operating System:  Windows Home Server

Ripping Software: dB Poweramp

Server software: Asset UPnP

Capacity: 2 x 1TB or 2 x 2TB options available

Fanless convection cooling via substantial heatsinks. (ie no noisy fans !)


Intel Atom Processor

Capacities from 2TB to 4TB (2 x 2TB)

Slot loading CD with Automated CD Ripping

AssetUPnP server for Linn DS, Naim streamers, Arcam, Oppo, and many more.

Network Shares for Sonos

Squeezebox Server for Logitech Squeezebox

10/100/1000 Network Interface

Windows Home Server Operating System

ZoneRipper features AssetUPnP and ripping software based on DBPowerAmp from Illustrate.

Case Contruction

100% Aluminium construction

Available in BLACK or SILVER anodised brush aluminium finish


435mm (w) x 390mm (d) x 85mm (h)

In the box

ZoneRipper MAX

UTP Network Cable

12v DC power adapter

Mains Cable

Quick Start Guide

Additional Information

5 kg
Black, Silver
2 x 1TB, 2 x 2TB