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Technics SU-G30 Integrated Streaming Amplifier

Technics su-g30 Integrated Amplifier

The Technics SU-G30 is a network connected integrated amplifier.

With 1 Analogue line input, 1 MM Phono input, 2 Coax Digital Inputs, 1 Optical digital input,  two USB inputs, WiFi and Bluetooth, this competent amplifier can comfortably be the centre of you entertainment system

Technics SL-1200GR standard direct drive turntable

Technics SL1200GR

The new standard model inheriting the technology of the SL-1200G, which was developed as a reference direct-drive turntable for the next generation

Requires cartridge and compatible phono stage amplifier –

We suggest the Ortofon 2M Bronze as a starting point for the cartridge, and the Lehmann Audio Black Cube Phono stage. These are a great combination and sound superb. See Options to buy the turntable with these.